07.01.07 - 8:42 p.m.

i awoke this morning from a dream about being pregnant, fifteen minutes late for our phone date. the appointed time passed while i looked for an aisle seat nearest the door in an unfamiliar planetarium. i felt uncannily heavy with mobile weight and nervous energy. i expected to launch into labor at any moment, necessitating my close proximity to an exit.
i didn't tell you this as we talked. in fact, i didn't remember until afternoon, while passing the maternity clothing store in the mall.

you are, in many ways, my perfect foil. the least judgmental and most forgiving, who will offer to meet someone in costa rica no matter how insane she's proven. my vowels drag after they hear yours, like our speech patterns re-converge at home regardless of our distance from it or each other.

i like leaving you love notes to find in time
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