12.05.06 - 10:51 p.m.

there's a little bit of you around my neck. a souvenir from my in-laws' vacation, green like i've never seen turquoise before.

one thing i forgot to say was that she asked what makes me feel better. she asked it with the slanty-eyed look that i have already grown to recognize to mean we are getting down to brass tacks; we are cutting out this nonsense. so, what makes you feel better? she asked and i said uh, miniskirts. miniskirts and -
don't bother. let's focus on the miniskirts. why do they make you feel better?
because i crave male attention. she smiled a smile that, if she doesn't already, she should use for flirting. she said
well, (sighed,) it isn't what i was hoping for but i guess we'll roll with the miniskirts.

unshakable lisa
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