14.05.06 - 11:02 p.m.

there are some nights when it's nine-thirty and still light and i'm talking to one of my dearest friends on the phone and it smells so good because of the lilac bushes outside my window that i think you are okay after all, buster. you are just. fine.

maybe i was still drunk when i asked my mother do you even care what it is that i'm taking? because you know this isn't an antibiotic.
she said of course; i assume that if you have something to share with me, you will.
i assume that if you care you'll ask i told her and then said it's lithium to which she replied why are you taking lithium to which i replied something, then she said something else and the conversation ended with her reminding me to watch the west wing.

i don't have cable, i said. to which she replied: oh.

colin called to say i forgot my leftovers in his refrigerator and he could drop them off. finally, and long-overdue, he got called out bigtime.*

*for amber's amusement only

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