21.10.03 - 8:53 p.m.

in my lifetime i have
ridden my bike four miles at 2 in the morning
to throw stones at a third story bedroom window, shouting
i cant sleep when youre mad at me
walked home three mornings in a row after houseboat
rendezvous cursing my spinelessness, vowing to
never set foot on a pier again
driven a long, long way to look someone in the eye,
to know for certain whether i should or should not get married
considered letting myself be flown to new york under false pretenses
fallen in love with a girl who bore a striking resemblance
to felicity from avonlea, specifically for that reason
re-routed my trip to school every morning for the express purpose
of riding the bus with a complete stranger
stolen home movies from someones cabinet to learn where
they came from, what their childhood was like and
placed myself strategically on the livingroom sofa, feigned sleep
and waited with a coy, sleepy smile.

dont worry - i sent them back.
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