28.12.07 - 1:10 p.m.

it was a mistake to say that i just kind of got over it. there is always a precursor to getting-over. some impetus that i notice or don't, credit or don't. and this is no exception. you can guess with whom that credit lies: three tries, and none of the answers is you.

in the course of this "re-parenting" i'm paying for, during which a lovely woman shows me how i ought to have been mothered, then leaves me abruptly with the mother i actually have, i am re-positioning myself. less often in direct opposition, more in the middle of. this works well, like when i give someone who honestly deserves it the benefit of the doubt, and poorly when i think someone is nice and he says something like, "get your hand off me, you jew."
live and learn.

i just looked at him with pity: score!
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