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4. my mother knew she was going to give birth to me on september 17th. she took the test, did the math and came up with her own due date. the obstetrician told her i would be born sometime in mid-october; she corrected him once and when he insisted, she smiled politely and said, 'okay.' i was small so it didn't rouse suspicion; all through her pregnancy, my mother's doctor told her to expect me in october. if not by the twelfth, then an induction as if to say there is an assigned date for all our births and if we don't comply it must be because there's a problem. at midnight on my birthday she laid down on the bed and started talking. my father was on rounds at the hospital. she described the weather that night and in what she planned to dress me and at two fifteen, her water broke. i was born at 5 in the morning on september 17th. she loves to tell this story.

hanging out with my mom a lot is kind of getting to me
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