10.05.05 - 1:18 p.m.

being there for someone's first encounter with angela chase,
my friend who tries to kiss me everytime he gets
drunk and we meet on a street corner or in a dark bar,
looking with mouth pressed against headrest at
someone in the backseat, knowing you are
having an excellent hair day and he is probably wishing
the two of you were alone in the car or you weren't
married or he wasn't moving in with his girlfriend
or you had actually seized the opportunity last month
during an embarrassing game of spin-the-something.
thinking about how peter dinklage and stephin merritt are more than likely best friends
who eat doughnuts together on sunday mornings
and challenge the men who play scrabble in washington square park to
a speed round but they always decline, especially that
aldo who beat number one, the tai chi guy. but this is
maybe just my imaginary new york.

spin the something
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