13.04.06 - 11:19 a.m.

1. he doesn't belong to the school of emailers that quote you in order to respond as though you've forgotten what you said; as though you couldn't scroll down and refresh your own memory if you had. he doesn't even separate thoughts with line breaks or spaces. just, mid-paragrah: you did? may i have a copy? and my one word response (proud of myself): no.

2. not because i'm ashamed of it. everyone's hands have touched it -- jonas' girlfriend, even, the quiet talker (half-deaf boy, inaudible girl: someone please explain); the jamie kid who was so interested in boarding school, grew up in connecticut (yes, my heart skipped but only momentarily) read it cover to cover leaning against the wall. i hardly cared. excited jessalyn with lots of awesomes and cools; the dearest dears - y, c, f, j. only jonas mentioned IT and that was because we were drunk under the covers and everyone else was asleep. hyper-humility doesn't suit someone of my age.

nice to meet you; in this book you can learn all about my recent abortion and ongoing mental illness. there are also some short stories.
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