07.07.05 - 3:27 p.m.

i broke one of my own cardinal rules last night
when my husband gave me a look that
said you're crazy and i
believed him and
wondered about your motives which i consider in earnest none
of my business in the first place and justified
no matter what they turn out to be anyway, but
cursed myself on the way to bed after
talking to your boyfriend with whom i am
in love, who inadvertently
we can assume
made me question your motives for a second
time in one night and like i said, on
the way to bed
with freshly brushed teeth and a clean
face i stopped in front of the bedroom that will be yours
at least for a few days
to look inside and i thought to myself
when was the last time i let boys convince me of something i didn't believe to be true? when did i start doing that?

"No, Diana, I am not killed, but I think I am rendered unconscious."
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