08.07.07 - 12:06 a.m.

tonight i had an honest to goodness real discussion about who if anyone should open for the spice girls reunion tour. i had this conversation with a gentleman who is 51, who is my friend, who used to be in a hair metal band in the 80s. a legit one.

after that, i re-met this girl who is absolutely beautiful, who is one of those girls whose beauty you mention to whomever you are standing with when you don't know the person you're admiring. this has happened with this particular girl a few times. she and i apparently met two years ago. she informed me over our drinks in mason jars, amy winehouse playing on the stereo, the best artist i know (and i know a lot) dancing in the living room, dressed like chuck norris for his wife's 30th birthday. i embroidered her some hankies. she collects hankies. perf.

she was wearing this necklace. it deserves italics. it was wire wrapped in waxed embroidery floss, tangled and woven into this messy mass, a shapey shapeless thing around her neck, orange! i stared and maybe it looked like i was checking out her rack. i wasn't!

i was the only girl in high heels, even wedges, so i got the gogo cage: the kitchen doorway. i put on army issue black empty frames like a costume and danced my heart out to m.i.a.

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