16.04.05 - 1:04 p.m.

we are eating pizza and people stop him to say
are you playing a show here i thought i read
on buddyhead that you were vegan is this your wife
because i also heard you were married
is [your band] recording are you recording
and he doesn't smile anyway, only smiled
on his wedding day dancing with his wife in the
dress i made her and i am watching him
my stomach churning on his behalf while he tries to
field the questions and answer them but simultaneously
suggest with his posture and lack of eye contact
that it's none of their business anyway.
when i used to hate him for his arrogance and
celebrity, for standoffishness i later learned was
the first of many hurdles to winning his complete loyalty
i'd only experienced the san diego version of this.
now we are 1500 miles away and trying to eat
some (vegan) pizza and sleepy, catching up
and i am a mama bear, snip can we please finish our breakfast?
and he raises an eyebrow and pats my knee under the table
and nods at the nosy stranger who promptly backs the fuck off.

mr and mrs vegan pizza
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