18.11.06 - 5:24 p.m.

we are neither of us intimidated, just awkward. you call me a friend without hesitation and i do so with a little more, but not as much as i expected. you tell me to poke holes in condoms and name the babies after you. we speak in low voices, as friends do, and you look me in the eye. as little information exchanged as possible; this is more comfortable. you say that we will have a meal when i'm in new york. you ask me to write with details of dioramas and i agree. i don't want to kiss or even touch you. this is not something to be conquered. there is you and me, a photograph of your smiling wife and bedded baby. there is a plan relative to the near future. there is being cordial and there is being sincere and we have moved on to the latter.

but i'd never name a baby jonathan
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