02.08.05 - 11:13 a.m.

noah text messages me about his heavy boots and in the morning when i am feeding the cats, when mamushka is doing her unicorn routine and bleating like a goat i see the blue flashing light and for once i'm not even hoping it's you because i'm twenty four, almost twenty five and i've dated about a thousand boys none of whom have really taught me anything about myself and have instead given me things to hate, lists upon lists, and while i'm in love i still have a choice so i tell noah my boots are heavy too. they're all four heavy with marriage -- one impending, one existing, and on august tenth which happens to be next wednesday he will join the legions who kind of give up, the club i joined three years ago (!) and i'll text message my congratulations because we've never met though his sister is as dear to me as if she were my own.

heavy boots
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