27.06.07 - 12:56 a.m.

tonight lindsey and i went on an accidental double date with two very harmless boys, up an elevator to a restaurant-cum-movie set, five dollar home depot lights, laptops all over and a mean view of the town. is this what people do, people who have regular jobs and... she let the set finish her sentence. button down shirts, mojitos. i ordered a creme brulee but my unrefined palette couldn't handle the basil and huckleberries, like tepid pesto with a sugar crust. we joked that it was like a bad movie, the actual conversation versus the mouthing rhubarb watermelon rhubarb watermelon, no noise allowed. how we could improve the outcome tenfold by changing the plot, us looking similar enough as we do, to a story of two girls who meet at summer camp and decide to trade lives until their parents are reunited in holy matrimony. after exiting stage left with gracious but transparent complaints of morning work we hightailed it to the elevator rhetorically asking over and over

what just happened?
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