01.06.07 - 12:15 p.m.

last night this dude i used to know ("know") asked me what was new. i immediately had a list but opted not to share it because we aren't really there ("there") yet though we may be sometime in the nearish future. on my list would have been that i realize i will never look like agyness deyn OR charlotte gainsbourg and that's pretty okay with me right now. i'm sowing positives to reap positives. i have some new friends that don't bust their faces falling down, drunk but WILL plan a spectacular follies show with me featuring strapless sequined gowns, dance routines and pratfalls. i am growing more willing to do things at which i am not an expert.

i told marlene that i am just a very selective person. she said be selective. just select different things. i'm letting my hair be curly in the weather. limited control, that's my new deal.

the new deal
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