31.07.05 - 1:59 p.m.

i'll be singing too, but later than you:
when chelsea nods off (which she tends to
do even without a baby in the picture), when
she needs a bath or a lap around the block.
olivia's favorites were if you want to sing out sing out, zurich is stained and moon river but
the sure-fire get-to-sleep-in-five-minutes-or-fewer song
was some kinda hate and even when she could talk,
when she could decide that galoshes
were an essential part of her outfit for the day,
sometimes after i read the story of her choosing and we lay in bed together looking at the constellations on her ceiling she'd sigh and say she needed help getting to sleep which was code, and we'd do the whoa-whoa-whoa (ohhhh)s in unison.

one time, on the way home from her brother's brief stint in regular kindergarten, she yelled from the backseat
what's copulate?and her brother turned around, said
it's sexual intercourse, olivia,rolled his eyes at me and she laughed hysterically for the entire rest of the drive.

some kinda love
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