20.08.05 - 12:58 p.m.

last night in the bar crowded with returning students who brought an end to a summer-long string of built to spill songs played on the fancy internet jukebox, i sat across from colin; next to my husband and billie eased herself into our booth to take drink orders. she patted my hand and said did you see the specials? there's one i think you'll like.
i told her i hadn't, and she pointed to it on the menu. vanilla stoli, something else and cranberry juice. she tapped emphatically at the title. cheesecake! you'll love it! so i got it. after tim went home, jonny crawled in next to me from the side, all the way down the bank of booths and put his arm around me and we waved at friends walking in, getting up to leave, passing through looking for other friends and someone said is that james? i'm going to congratulate him on the baby and someone else looked around and said i guess summer's over and we answered questions like was that really five years ago? with definite yesses, both of us smiling and my head on his shoulder.

me and you and everyone we know
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