24.03.07 - 9:50 a.m.

last night lindsey misspoke, which she does often. she and i are kindred in our wrong name calling though mine is usually limited to celebrities. hers ranges from the literary to the personal: sunday comics, friends, movies, books. her funniest so far, and not uncommon i bet, was a heated and confusing diatribe about why lord of the rings is still a very pertinent societal commentary. she meant lord of the flies. so when she mistakenly referred to the night you died, it wasn't that out of the ordinary. she's not good friends with either you or the real deceased and i didn't correct her. i became momentarily alarmed, just hearing the words, and wanted to tell you that from the ground below your bedroom window, the way our admissions used to work.

please do not die until i stop knowing you no matter how infrequently we interact
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