01.08.05 - 10:54 a.m.

my three magic mountain experiences all ended the same way, with me declaring defeat in the war against throw up and shuffling off to the car with blinders on, friends waving, exaggerated frowns on their faces hoping that nobody would puke in my path, repeating in my head just for the next two minutes, just for the next two minutes, just for the next two minutes.
three of my roommates worked there and told stories of the ends of summer days, workers lining up their character costumes and hosing them down from the inside out because it was not uncommon to vomit from heat exhaustion inside your suit.

also, tim and i got into our first fight in the shadow of the park, on the offramp next to burger king and when i looked around, saying outloud, "where are we?" i saw the twisting white landmarker and said, "oh, it figures."

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