05.01.06 - 6:08 p.m.

1. at 30mph rain feels like pinpricks on a wet face. i wonder if it bothers you that many things are yours because they were mine first.
2. jeff mangum covering i love how you love me.
3. did you ever really like me? did i hurt your feelings? passing your house makes me sad. i want to slip something under the door. a peace offering. consolation for things unrelated to myself.
4. photographs of my family. my grandpa the documentarian, where i get it.
5. i've cut my hair and i look ready for the guillotine. straight ends until it rains, then business as usual.
6. will you please just buy a plane ticket? nothing to do with running, only love. otherwise in the spring (?) you'll lose your gumption, mark my words.
7. you and i are good custodians. charters of everyone's potential. secret-keepers; mom and dad, but without the discipline.

i love you
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