08.10.07 - 9:47 p.m.

gosh, my friends are on talk of the nation today and i totally miss it because i don't check myspace and my therapist tells me make a list of the things that redeem your faith in humanity and this is it. this and colin farrell helping the homeless, the kid that wrote me a letter, enclosed his book of 11x17 paper folded in half printed with poetry. in what i write back i begin to say your handwriting is eerily similar to that of a boy i hate but i wrinkle that sheet up and decide he deserves better stationery anyhow.

it's my friend who finally, ten or eleven years later, has mustered the nerve to sing in public and at least appear to really enjoy himself. it is my unwavering use of the calendar function on this cellphone. my baby god daughter and the honesty of not knowing that you should try to keep from hurting people's feelings but trying anyway because you are inclined to be kind, even at twenty three months old.

it's later, when we find ourselves in predictable situations, rectifying things like we would've then, in the language of people who grew up together.

now i am using this for when i love life
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