16.06.05 - 4:00 p.m.

1. making an amish quilt for juice and lindy's wedding present. bricks for their new house and new life.
2. listening to the girl from the north country-- the bob dylan version, the dear nora version, the bob dylan featuring johnny cash version, whatever, constantly.
3. jonathan - you said you were sending me another letter, and now would be a really great time to do that.
5. so. much. soda. and nothing else.
5. "summer, my ass." - stephin merritt.
5.5. actually, the whole song is extremely appropriate.
6. when my mother called me to ask what i was doing about the tsunami warning, i severely underestimated her. it wasn't until last night that i realized she had said that the possibility of being flattened by a tsunami was "a good reason to move to arizona." nice one, mom! i'm rusty, but i got it.

they might as well play winter wonderland
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