29.08.05 - 11:05 a.m.

to whom it may concern,

due to
1. your penchant for privacy invasion
2. the fact that we broke up over two years ago
3. the constant appearance of the name assigned to you by the internet on my handy stats tracker which, frankly, freaks me out and pisses me off
4. my on-and-off hatred of you
5. your flagrant dishonesty and half-assed sneakiness
6. my distaste for having to look upon people with pity but being constantly forced to anyway because they are just that pathetic
i respectfully request that you stop reading this immediately. if you don't, i will know, and wish you heaps upon heaps of ill will and while this may not seem like a big deal, i've got generations of superstitious sicilian blood in these veins and a vague belief in the evil eye. enough of a belief to implement it, to whatever ends.

seriously: leave me alone.

you know who you are (and there's more than one of you).
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