04.02.07 - 6:47 p.m.

when i am having an okay time, i wear the same thing almost every day. i wash those clothes while i lay in bed or or the couch, pet the cats, watch my turtle snap at my fingers through the glass wall of her aquarium. as soon as they are dry i put them on warm and go out, especially in the winter. the rivets of jeans have burned tiny circles into the skin over my hip bones on more than one occasion.

so it goes, sensibly, that when things are not well i spend far too much time deciding what to wear and often make weird choices that i regret almost immediately upon finding myself in a situation that does not allow me to change clothes. i wear a lot of accessories. i get an itch to cut my hair.

i wonder what this phase is, this lounging in bed, walking around the house half-clothed with the heat way up, not doing laundry as frequently but buying multiple pairs of identical pants.

maybe i'm just getting lazier about laundry
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