20.02.08 - 12:39 p.m.

today in the car, while experiencing a sudden burst of goodwill toward the northeastern part of our fair country, i began to think about the language i use around the people that live there.
in book group, when trying to explain your wife's novel to the well-meaning graduate students, baristas, massage therapists, i found it difficult not to say, "my friend's wife." i finally gave it up and lightbulbs illuminated above their heads. uh... is it readily available? because i don't like to order things online. i think they'll enjoy it, though. and if they don't, they wouldn't like yours either so i won't even bother. no offense.

i sent a text message the other day to say i was listening to dots and loops and missing you. we have never small-talked, really. at least not for several years. i got a standard, comforting reply: RAD-ICULOUS.

i am concerned about your coke habit but we are family-formal. you email pictures of tourist traps we have never visited, just driven by and laughed.

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