19.11.05 - 2:40 p.m.

when i recieve my lecture, i'll do so humbly, quietly, and you'll give it with the knowledge (maybe tucked away, maybe on the back of a partially-torn grocery list from five years ago that you've kept specifically for this purpose: to remind yourself) that your opinion matters when few others do; that i will take your advice because my trust in you is implicit as that word combination is trite. we know each other almost as well as we know our own selves, through little work and mainly coincidence -- the luck of finding someone with whom you share a date of birth and many similarities -- so i'm asking one favor before you tell me i'm making an awful mistake: please don't give me form answers. talk to me, who you know to be a lot of things, but above most others, logical.

plus, if you're a jerk, i'll just decide to like your girlfriend better than i like you.
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