12.11.04 - 6:52 p.m.

OnLanguage [6:49 PM]: if youre serious
OnLanguage [6:49 PM]: you can make out with her
hubnert [6:49 PM]: ha
hubnert [6:49 PM]: no
hubnert [6:49 PM]: but i do want to makeout with you
OnLanguage [6:49 PM]: and i want to make out with you
hubnert [6:49 PM]: awesome
OnLanguage [6:49 PM]: is that computer sex?
hubnert [6:50 PM]: i think that would barely count as cyber foreplay
OnLanguage [6:50 PM]: or do we have to say
OnLanguage [6:50 PM]: i want to do it with you
OnLanguage [6:50 PM]: and thats computer sex
hubnert [6:50 PM]: i think you take out the "want" and just talk about doing it
hubnert [6:51 PM]: like you actually were
OnLanguage [6:51 PM]: like
OnLanguage [6:51 PM]: im doing you right now
hubnert [6:51 PM]: yeah i think

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