01.09.06 - 11:01 a.m.

you, my dear, are full of substance as will your daughter be when she can and if you give her leaves of grass i will tell her all about seeing walden pond with the people in town milling around it as though it wasn't there and being offended on behalf of the landmarks that go relatively unappreciated nathaniel hawthorne's side yard being one of which, mentioned briefly during a tour only because i was staring out of louisa may alcott's bedroom window directly at it. accompanying me on this tour was my husband -- unhappy to be there -- and a woman and her equally unhappy-to-be-there daughter. i asked if one could iceskate on walden pond. the guide had no idea, but informed me of an ice rink nearby.
don't get me anything for my birthday. just promise to hang out soon and bring the littleun so i can gift her properly and tell her the aforementioned story, come to think of it, whether you give her leaves of grass or not.

attention my favorite ladies:
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