27.06.05 - 12:37 p.m.

bagel for lunch because soup felt like cheating, the ladies at the credit union and how i never tell them that if i ever move away again i will miss them dreadfully because they know my account number better than i do and tell me about their babies and motorcycles, say they saw me riding my scooter the other day and waved frantically, john darnielle on my answering machine breaking up my pity party last night if only for five minutes while i listened twice (thanks, matt), sunglasses at night on the tiny tapedeck at amber's desk while she is getting her belly listened to, getting pictures of isabel (hi, i missed you today even though you called four times!), the quiet of work when people are home sick and the sky is spitting on everything consistently -- when i can wear a sweater in the summer, respite from the days on end of sleevelessness.

okay, things, i'm letting you make me happy (but don't get used to it!)
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