28.04.05 - 3:09 p.m.

yesterday, when i looked to see who'd been reading
this and saw his last name in a google search
that led to me and an entry from four years ago
in which i named him in full,
i began to think about how stupid he would
find the past week of my life, how he wouldn't
hesitate to tell me exactly how stupid he found it
and how grateful i am for the still unfilled
opening he left for an emphatic naysayer, hopelessly
unexcitable and dull. while i may have been
less impulsive then, easier talked out of things,
i never would've made penpals with a french
boy who plays drums with a sack over his head.
i wouldn't have sent a box of secrets to a stranger, and
i certainly wouldn't have gone to a karaoke party.

for once i think you lost a lot more than i did
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