10.03.06 - 1:42 a.m.

tonight we are friends again, drunk and sweatered and talking about school people we used tp know in thse weird other lives we used to lead. you hugged me and said i'm sorry for the awkwardness and the weirdness and i said no i'm sorry it's nice to talk toyou like a real person again and i remembered what it was like to be your friend, to want the attnetion you dole out so sparingly and the touches you save for special occasions. we are old now, old friends like bookends on an old life we've nearly forgotten but we have drunken revelations still, mark, you and i, at the low show with everyone in town bearing witness. rhere was the princess girl with the hair thing and jarmey doesn't live here now back to sneak up behind and mister bellingham popularity for everyone to be proud of, boy and girl drama people to avoid who were not that bad when it came down to it, famous ronald the drawing guy sweet as pie and see you soon, little cute girl everyone loves to love and also with narrow eyes watching us make up, the boyfriend, the almost-you/. evrtyjinh is so predictible.

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