16.12.04 - 2:51 p.m.

this is when you'd come in handy, when that
steadfast lack of romanticism would counteract
my compulsions, but would you have advised me
against loving you, or only every boy that followed?
if we had a time machine and some flying skateboards would
we hover around us that afternoon when
i showed you my tattoo and cory threw up in the sand
and divert our own attentions with a duststorm?
would we float above your giant bed to scare
the cat that briefly made us a couple?
i might tell you now that i was in love with
you sporadically then, in a way you'd never
even try to understand, but mostly i'd ask
if he and i will end the same way because
if anyone knows despite two years of hatred it's you.

i really need your advice and noone elses.
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