26.06.05 - 3:11 p.m.

we were all drunk together, ignoring the boys at the table and jamey in thick yellow tights and pink plastic-framed glasses, anna triumphant for the first time in weeks, and me, post-full-disclosure to someone who knew anyway (because he is psychic as he will point out to you again and again), relieved and happy, between the two prettiest girls in the room (and the room was full, and bellingham is nothing to sneeze at in the hot girls department) and i leaned my head on jamey's shoulder and anna put her arm around my waist and i said,
jamey, i was a little scared of you and she slapped her knees, said WHY?
and anna said you're so unglamorous you're glamorous and jamey
sighed and kissed my forehead and said
i know. i don't know what to do about it; i don't shave my legs!

please please please please please don't move to olympia
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