18.02.05 - 3:54 p.m.

waiting for my grilled cheese and french fries, school had
just gotten out.
so what's your favorite ride?
what do you mean?
at disneyland, what's your favorite ride?
i don't know; i've never been. what's yours?
the haunted house is pretty cool.

(this is foreign to me: someone having never been to disneyland.
as a teenager i went almost religiously, and nobody i knew would
ever have refered to The Haunted Mansion as "the haunted house.")

my sister's ex-boyfriend's great-great-great-great-great grandfather punched walt disney.
he cut in line. also, he didn't like jews.

(part of me wanted to scoot up to their table, tell them about
the secret society that meets in the top floors of the
buildings around new orleans square, the place where i
had my first mint julep and the boy from my ballet class
who played aladdin on weekends, but i didn't.
i just tried really hard not to laugh.)

walt disney travels back in time to cut in line
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