27.07.05 - 1:49 p.m.

he mouthed what i thought was "are you crazy?"
and my heart sank and i asked, "am i crazy?"
he laughed and shook his head -- i still
don't know what he actually said
but he rooted around in his bag for a moment, produced
a small white something and told me to put out my hand.

"it's peppermint and clove lip balm. i made it."
"oh, thank you," i said, and looked at it in my open palm.
"i made it," he repeated, and i nodded.
"thank you."
"now everything will always smell good to you."

later that night, sitting on a lap that doesn't belong to my husband, a lap i shared with a fiddle,
i said, grinning,
"the only boy to ever break my heart just gave me lip balm that he made himself."

peace offering and a small white lie (he was number one, but not the only)
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