31.07.07 - 11:36 p.m.

in half an hour it's my best friend's birthday. she sent me an email that said take next week off and meet me on orcas island.

tonight, a man told me that i look like elvira. he was motioning at my boobs. if he hadn't been so awkward and homely i may have acted insulted, but instead kind of laughed and pretended he'd said something else. something actually funny.

my mother in law and i had a conversation about this woman she knows who believes she has a personal angel named Daniel. he really "gets" her. she was surprised when i said i didn't find her belief in a personal angel that odd; rather, it's strange that she feels comfortable detailing her imaginary friendship to acquaintances.

i wonder if this angel lady and the elvira man go home at night and berate themselves for their conversational blunders.

daniel and elvira
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