31.03.05 - 3:24 p.m.

listen youse, come to APE next weekend and say hi to me
and my darling dearest and i might give you
a book if you're you, or her or you, and you'll know
me because i'll look harried, paler than usual from
not living in california anymore
(though you wouldn't know the difference) and embarrassed
probably, drinking soda and wearing sparkly shoes.

(and if you ARE you, or her or you, we are SO canoeing... or at least getting trashed and dancing like crazies.)

alternative press expo 2005
april 9-10
the concourse at exhibition square, 620 7th st. san francisco, ca

where bowers of flowers bloom in the sun
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the project museum

the revolution will be catalogued

this american life

the library of congress

i used to believe







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