16.10.05 - 8:06 p.m.

1. is this how you know me? for someone with such minute details -- a catalogue of secrets -- you've certainly underestimated my sleuthing skills. my willingness to drive a question into the ground. maybe that's what comes of being acquainted in theory. your hat was placed so deliberately and your voice was uncertain-sounding. for someone with alarming information to impart on a stranger, you weren't as steady as you should've been.

2. we talked about you today, and what an odd coupling you and i made. i've worked in reverse. i still don't hate you, but i'm always getting closer. you should've stopped me, but for love or lack thereof, you didn't. when i called you from the hotel in new mexico, you told me you approved. it wasn't until today that i realized you never said it to my face.

boys are often too big for their britches.
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