08.02.07 - 9:39 a.m.

the new BARR record, oh my gosh. i so infrequently get excited about things being made in this fashion, the tell-all kind of art i basically equate with seppuku, but this new BARR record has reminded how excited i was about the last BARR record, too. i am a little disappointed in myself for getting un-excited and forgive him his relation to paperrad which i, frankly, hate. wait, i don't hate them i just think they put out pretty mediocre stuff banking on their coolness so people will pay them money for dressing weird and drawing tesselations and ripping off brian chippendale who may or may not have ever been involved with paperrad, i forget. i get them mixed up with fort thunder all the time, which is funny because i like fort thunder. does anyone even know what i'm talking about?

"oh my god, there is soooooooooo MUCH."
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