02.04.06 - 11:28 p.m.

having always been a labeler, i can catalog the people i have refered to as best friends back to 1988 when i began having them or rather when they stopped being related to me and while i go through periods of naming more it is always in earnest at the time. it goes in waves. one for years, then three, one again, and two. it seems a very basic label that adults hesitate to use and for what reason i don't know other than a selective politeness that plagues adults and no one else. i have always delighted in calling people My Best Friend: my almost-most prestigious honor not allowed by birth, being second to brother and tied perhaps with husband. i have what i believe to be several now, but only a few would i not preface with 'one of' and pluralize, leaving the door open for others and i wonder if all these three know who they are. one does and signs email with L-O-V-E!!! FOR REALS!!! when she can sense across the fifteen hundred miles that i am at my wits' end and one should know because he is with whom i spend all my free time; he is more-than, but that for now, consistently. and you, who reads this and has surprised me persistently with loyalty and near unwavering good humor, who swears despite being a new mother or maybe moreso for that reason, who is my co-conspirator in a countless number of plots against former co-workers and famous people, who has offered to thelma and louise it with me, i realized that i count you among them and i hope you don't find that odd. it's a little like asking someone to a dance, admitting that you consider her a best friend.

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