02.01.07 - 11:01 a.m.

there is one particularly wise person that i will heretoforward consider my personal life coach (pro bono - sorry) and i am resolving in 2007 among other things to listen to her exclusively because she has not only birthed a child amid a torrent of vomit (saintly) while i waited up for news, but she has consistently been clear-headed and devastatingly beautiful for the past three years with so few lapses that they're hardly worth mentioning, and only in one category (the one entitled "being mad at your friend who was not trying to do you bodily harm").

despite distance, we will congregate at chuck e. cheese to play pinball in the dark, eat bad (?) pizza, and you will give advice or give me looks that give it and i will heed the advice because your baby is awesome, you have the best hair ever and you are rarely if ever wrong, namely because you are always saying what i want to hear.

in my purse are remnants of this weekend: my crumpled noisemaker, small boxes that i am not yet ready to remove from immediate access, one of beatrice's peanut butter cookies, a safeway receipt, a complimentary nail file from our stalling mall manicure during which i pretended to be not-nervous. despite the similar starts, i declare 2006 and 2007 to be different in every way imaginable.

happy new year/i love you
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