09.11.03 - 8:14 p.m.

that first night i told mark id met my match
detailed our conversation down to the very punctuation,
down to its bones between gasps and sighs
we spoke in giggles and looks
exchanged over tops of heads, went running
down a busy street hand in hand, hysterical
and caffeine-drunk our skirts identically peppered
with threads from the afternoon's projects
and since that night when
i fell so hopelessly in love with you,
with the way you complemented my hemming,
ive done nothing but wish you werent so far away
and when i read in your flawless cursive
that youre taking things one day at a time
baking to keep your spirits up and finding bikeriding
a little too taxing for your tired skinny legs
i want to scold that whole big city, wring that
dumb boy's neck.

anne shirley and diana barry
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