08.09.05 - 7:35 p.m.

because i am lucky enough to share a birthday with two of the best people i know, because that date is also the birthday of elvira (mistress of the dark), guy picciotto and rita rudner, because there will be nice thoughts like electricity through wires zapping me from three corners of the country and i have friends who never fail to call and sing, because i don't know and don't particularly care what my plans are for next saturday apart from helping amber move if she still wants me to and hanging out with my mother then getting dressed up and embarrassingly drunk, because twenty five is an odd number and we all know how dearly i love those
i resolve to stop fretting about being half a half a century old. there are things i haven't done and possibly never will, but there are a respectable number of things i have done, and there's still a lot of life left, i think.

wouldn't it be a bummer if i died tomorrow or something?
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