30.04.05 - 4:51 p.m.

they were eating french fries and i was waiting for my milkshake
and one noticed the lottery poster, told his brother
that if they won the lottery they would win twelve million
dollars which was enough to go visit grandma and grandpa
in florida and buy dirtbikes and the other
said that it was also enough to buy a really sweet
morse code reader to pick up spy transmissions
even before the government could
(which is probably true)
so they could be spies and wouldn't have to
waste time with the translation book that dad gave them.
before i knew it i was tapping out with my fingernail
you are very smart boys
and because i have a twenty year jump on them, i don't
think they understood but the little one, the
one who wanted the dirtbikes, poked his brother and in unison
they banged --- ... --- on the table with their fists and grinned.

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