22.01.07 - 12:13 p.m.

i realize that i am supposed to jump at the chance to be on call for you. your attention should have more of an impact; i ought to be swooning. your interest has, however, been proven on more than one occasion and i can't say i'm unmoved by the silent treatments i get for being ornery. that should count for something. we are penpals, you and i: awkward in the flesh, our low voices and snappy comebacks give away discomfort. held up to my nose i could identify your paper, i could pick out your sentence fragments and double spacing in a line up. i'm sure my curtness when annoyed, my affectionate sass is as familiar to you. it may happen that i am lounging around william's apartment or meandering in the library when you call and i'll feel differently inclined, but now i am perfectly happy to wish you well in berlin and hope that our paths don't cross at the airport.

your life must be so nice
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