18.09.06 - 10:47 a.m.

you're an asshole; you need to call me.
is that better? late than never?

this weekend was the best birthday ever, ushered in via telephone and involving a chance encounter at the Frye with jenny and a warm feeling in my chest to carry around while i perused the henry darger exhibit. a similar chance encounter with kate mid-crosswalk on her way to the fish market and my way to barney's, more presents than one girl could or should be allowed to try and shake a stick at, gossip and cheap spaghetti with amber and plans to go to chuck e. cheese later, little women paper dolls, the fanciest sunglasses imaginable, my favorite shopping (everything) companion and a whole lot of driving.
i'm twenty six. this is the year i learn to appreciate even numbers.

even numbers
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